Acquisition of debt portfolios is our Company’s leading activity. This service is the most important element of the comprehensive debt management process – it ends the process for those debts which, from the Client’s perspective, have not been repaid despite the fact that the entire debt collection process had been conducted.


In order to acquire mass debt portfolios Kancelaria Corpus Iuris established an organisational structure which enables making assignments of claims through a securitisation fund.


KANCELARIA CORPUS IURIS and its business partners offer Clients the possibility of acquiring “consumer” debt portfolios.



We participate in the acquisition of:

– debt portfolios (private, general partnerships, civil law partnerships, economic activities),
– uncontested claims due, – claims regardless of the stage of the debt collection process,
– debt portfolios in the area of:

  • bank loans (consumer loans,
  • debt in current accounts, credit cards, auto loans, etc.),
  • telecommunications services (mobile phones and landlines, Internet),
  • insurance (premiums, refunds of agents’ commissions, etc.),
  • utilities (garbage collection, electricity, etc.),
  • subscription services (cable or digital TV),
  • fines (transportation, utilities, etc.).

A debt acquisition agreement is concluded individually for each portfolio and its content is agreed upon in advance.

The criteria which determine the amount of the proposed prices include:

– the quality and scope of data send for valuation,
– the possibility of conducting due diligence and the size of the verified sample,
– the size of the portfolio – the number of debtors, – the homogeneity of the portfolio
– debts resulting from the same or similar contracts,
– no cases, whose value is significantly different than the average value of cases in the portfolio,
– average age of the portfolio (both current cases or e.g. 10-year-old cases),
– the type of debtors (natural persons, persons carrying out economic activity),
– the type of debt (bank loan, telecommunication services etc.),
– the quality and availability of documentation (contracts, invoices, guarantees, collaterals).

The debt acquisition process can be completed within 14 working days. The time needed for debt acquisition depends in particular on the size of the offered portfolios (the number of debts and the value of the portfolio), the complexity of computer works needed to generate the necessary data, as well as the legal issues associated with the process.